Renewable Energies

Renewable Energies

Renewable energies are not only an important contribution for the public and private environment, but also the path for the self-sufficiency and energetic independence.

The use of alternative energies coming from renewable sources, in its diverse features, will be more and more common. This will be how we may achieve a smaller energetic dependence and simultaneously create wealth. This idea is truth for the nation but also for each individual or housing.

For companies, the investment in alternative energies is more and more a financially attractive issue, but also in terms of environmental and social responsibility.


Renewable Energies

Solar Thermal

Renewable Energies

Solar Photovoltaic

Renewable Energies





To integrate and implement renewable energy solutions economically feasible.



  • Survey and Diagnosis of the best solutions on renewable energies in the customer’s facilities;
  • Detailed analysis for each type of energy and use (lighting, engines, equipment, industrial process, heating, cooling, DHW, compressed air systems, industrial water systems,  and other supplementary systems);
  • Assessment of its potential and technical-economic survey of integration of Renewable Energies Systems and Energy Micro-production;
  • Comparative financial analysis on the most suitable model: selling power to the supplier or producer-consumer;
  • Sizing renewable systems to save energy in lighting and HVAC;
  • Design of solar thermal and solar photovoltaic systems with architectural integration in buildings and industries;
  • Development of heating and DHW solutions using Biomass boilers in different types of buildings, such as: schools, retirement homes and hotels.



  • Tailored solutions (in the technical and economic aspect) to each company’s context;
  • Investment plans for technically and financially feasible renewable energies systems;
  • Advising in the assessment of the most favorable pricing list, independent from any energy supplier, for the financial modeling of the most advantageous investment.



  • Proximity to the client, for a combined assessment of the renewable energies solutions which better fit his needs;
  • The permanent contact of the customer with our technicians;
  • Availability to any further clarifications and / or necessary displacements to the customer’s facilities.



Renewable Energies

As an Energetic Efficiency company, Lutche has Qualified Experts acknowledged, with experience in the sphere of alternative energies systems, skilled to perform Energetic Audits and Engineering and Investment Projects of Renewable Energies Systems.

In the Measurement & Verification sphere (CMVP – Certified Measurement & Verification Professional), we are acknowledged by AEE & EVO as technically skilled. This service is mandatory to assess the saving gotten by the use of renewable energies.



The use of renewable energies systems promotes the business competitiveness on the medium and long run, guaranteeing a price stability of the energy used and simultaneously reinforcing the image of environmental responsibility. 




Lutche Engineering has cumulative experience in a wide range of areas and sectors, such as:

  • Hotels;
  • Housing;
  • Schools;
  • Continuous Care Units;
  • Retirement Homes.




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