Energy Management

Energy ManagementNowadays, energy plays a key role in the companies competitiveness, whether industries or services companies. Bearing this in mind, energy management became an urgent need for industries, hotels, restaurants, retirement homes, private clinics, hospitals, supermarkets, showrooms, gyms, spas, thermal baths, administrative buildings, commercial buildings and monuments.




To increase the companies’ competitiveness by rationalizing the energy.


  • Survey and Diagnosis of Energy Management needs in the customer’s facilities;
  • Detailed analysis for each type of energy use (lighting, engines, equipment, industrial process, heating, cooling, DHW, compressed air systems, industrial water systems,  and other supplementary systems);
  • Assessment of its potential and technical-economic survey on the integration of Renewable Energies Systems and Energy Micro-production;



  • Tailored solutions (in the technical and economic aspect) to each building and company;
  • Practical and quantified Energy Saving Measures, as to investment and payback;
  • Identification of energy management measures with reduced investment;
  • Identification of energy management measures with reduced payback;
  • Advising in the negotiation of energy supply contracts and assessment of the most favorable pricing list, independent from any energy supplier.


  • Proximity to the client, for a combined assessment of the energy management priority measures;
  • The permanent contact of the customer with our technicians;
  • Availability to any further clarifications and / or necessary displacements to the customer’s facilities.


Energy Management

Lutche Engineering has technical personnel to assure several services in the Energy Management area.

Carry out surveys , projects and technical-economic analysis of investments in energy systems, of which we refer:

  • Investment projects planning, management and execution;
  • Energy Rational Use and Management Systems implementation;
  • Implementation of systems using Renewable Energies.

Advising and close cooperation with the customer in activities which go beyond their core business, such as:

  • Advising in the contract negotiation of energy supply;
  • Advising in the energy supply contracts management;
  • Designing maintenance plans complying with legislation
  • Close verification of the maintenance plans implementation;
  • Working as the responsible technician for their correct functioning;
  • Working as the responsible technician for the exploration of electrical systems
  • Working as the Energy Manager
  • Mandatory periodic inspections to boilers, heating systems and air conditioning in buildings, complying with legislation.



The Energy Management is a real option to create competitive advantage.



Energy Management

As an Energetic Efficiency company, Lutche has Qualified Experts in the Building Energy Management sphere, with the skills to design energetic management proposals aiming at offering a greater Energetic Efficiency.

We have Technicians acknowledged with experience in the industry and buildings sphere, with the skills to perform Energetic Audits and Implementation Plans of Energy Management systems.

In the Measurement & Verification sphere (CMVP – Certified Measurement & Verification Professional), we are acknowledged by AEE & EVO as technically skilled. This service is mandatory for ESCO companies (Energy Services Companies).



Lutche Engineering has cumulative experience in a wide range of areas and sectors, such as:

  • Industry;
  • Services Buildings (Retirement Homes)
  • Housing.


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